Carytown Bicycle Company is owned by cyclists, staffed by cyclists, and it exists for cyclists.

Having a brand means having principles that define and guide you as a business. It's as much about how you present yourself to the world as it is understanding how the world sees you.

What started as a simple website redesign turned into a full time job as Brand Manager and Creative Director for 30 employees, 3 brick and mortar locations, and an e-commerce sales channel.

During a design internship I created what would eventually become the hero logo for the brand. The updated logo was a catalyst for a whole new set of communication design standards.

Launched in 2007, the website went through several iterations to land where it is now.

The most recent launch was built on Shopify with more robust design, e-commerce, real-time customer support, service scheduling and events calendars.

Our target customer was constantly on the go and mobile first design was key to that experience.

These are enamel camping mugs made in Poland. In-house design and production of products was one of my favorite aspects of this job.

I worked hard to create a lifestyle brand for on and off the bike and occasionally joked that we sold more hats than helmets. That may have been true.

Working with technical apparel and other hard goods introduced me to new production techniques and materials.

I art directed and shot a ton of content for e-commerce, email marketing, and social media.

This brand had over 100,000 SKUs updated seasonally. I developed a key understanding of best-in-class inventory practices and point of sale integration for e-commerce fulfillment.

One of the biggest initiatives I launched was the CBC Cycle Club — a dividends program with exclusive products for members. It generated over $100,000 in revenue in its first year. This is a free rain fender we gave to members.

As the company grew bigger and had more moving pieces, it was a challenge to prioritize and clearly communicate all aspects of the business to customers. I get excited when I see a well-organized website footer.

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